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NextUp TextAloud 4.0.54

NextUp TextAloudTextAloud is a useful program for converting text to audio. Using this program, you can easily convert all types of texts to audio files in mp3 format. This program has many applications for those people who are developing language listening skills. You can easily extract the text you want from the Internet or your favorite book and after converting it to sound, use it again and again to strengthen your listening power. Since the audio format of this program is mp3, it can be played on all audio players, including computers, mobile phones, iPods, music players, and so on.

NextUp TextAloud for PC

Sometimes you do not have the opportunity to read a book or read, you can easily convert long texts into an audio file and listen to the content you want while doing other things such as driving, walking the streets and.. The program environment is very simple and in a few simple steps, you can convert different text files to audio. The interesting thing is that you can even import pdf and Word files into the program and get the audio output. If the pdf files are of good quality, not scanned and have good blood, the program can convert all the contents of a book into a quality audio file in a few minutes without the slightest mistake. It should be noted that in addition to the mp3 format, you can also use other formats such as wav and wma. However, we recommend choosing the popular mp3 format for the compatibility of audio files with different devices.

Features of TextAloud:

  •  Ability to convert Word, PDF and HTML documents to audio files
  • Support for text-to-speech engines including international voices
  • Ability to save audio files in various formats wav, mp3 and WMA
  • Has a plugin for Internet Explorer for listening to web pages
  • High quality and speed when converting text to audio
  • Easy operation with simple graphical environment
  • And …

Required system 

• Win XP / Vista /
7/8 • 500 MHz CPU or Faster
• 256MB RAM
• 1 GB Disk Space
• Sound Card

Download NextUp TextAloud for Windows

NextUp TextAloud

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