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Fortnite Battle Royale v13.00.0-13715544 Apk + MOD (Unlocked) + Data [Update]

Fortnite mobile (Fortnight) – rumors about the release of Fortnite on mobile devices went back in June 2018. Then the game became a temporary exclusive for Samsung Galaxy Note 9 for as long as 30 days, and only after a long wait did the game finally reach the rest of the owners of Android devices. Only now officially the game supports an extremely small number of devices, and then most of them are flagships.

It all starts with an interesting storyline. After some natural tragedy, the world was enveloped in the Purple Cloud, which not only ruined the ecology of the planet, but also flooded the world with crowds of zombies. Our hero, fleeing from the crowd of these cute creatures, stumbles upon a shelter, where we are taught the basics of the game.

It is based on the good old concept of Tower Defense genre games with one small but significant difference: it uses the modular type of housing construction.

Heroes are divided into several classes. Each class has unique bonuses and skills. The types of weapons in the game are unusually many for a similar genre: here you have the usual bats, a firearm and something more unique, for example, a fishing rod that you can catch … fish. And she restores her health well. Also, weapons in the mode of “Royal Battle” has several types of qualities, indicated in the form of the color of the icon. The better the quality of the weapon, the higher the damage it deals, as well as its rate of fire.

The quality of the textures and their detailed study is amazing. Elements of interior design are generally one of the best that we have seen. But on mobile devices, the royal 60 FPS received only 4 devices, while the rest will have to be content with 30 frames per second, which is not very much for this genre.

But absolutely everything said above, excluding the number of frames, is leveled out by one main game mode – “Battle Royale”. The developers completely changed the original concept and switched to the mass consumer. Having completely removed TD Epic Games mode, they concentrated on the royal battle, constantly adding something new and this new one is added so often that it would take forever to write a review on the game. A bunch of seasons, limited skins and holiday themes that can be collected endlessly.

Management was made as convenient as possible for touch screens. But we still advise you to use a gamepad. With it you will get a big advantage over other players.

So what do we have in the end? Excellent and stylish graphics, good management, constant online and a huge selection of modes. If you like a type of game like battle royale, then Fortnite is one of its best representatives on mobile devices. It is a pity, but because of the high requirements for iron, not everyone can try it.

Fortnite Battle Royale Apk + MOD (Unlocked) + Data Android Fortnite Battle Royale Apk + MOD (Unlocked) + Data Android Fortnite Battle Royale Apk + MOD (Unlocked) + Data Android

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