The Making of the Reevu range

The Internationally patented vision system fitted into every Reevu helmet is a unique achievement overcoming a number of technical hurdles in the installation into the helmet. Its Vision system is constructed from a reflective poly carbon plate. In the event of an accident this plate has been designed to react as a crumple zone displacing load across the internal construction of the helmet, in effect a double shell.

See how it’s made

Visit our image gallery to see how a Reevu helmet is made

Put simply the optical device ‘bends light’ around the shape of the head all within the outer shell casing. The outershell casing is made from a mix of carbon composites to offer alight weight with full impact resistance in adherence to the Worldsmost stringent standards.

Reevu have astounded the industry experts in motorsports helmet manufacturing who concluded in early discussions that this development was an impossibility, a mix of engineering expertise and ingenuity have developed this revolutionary helmet which is now available around the world and is gathering pace in all of those markets.